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 Gabriella Moxrylla Elizabeth Highwater - F

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PostSubject: Gabriella Moxrylla Elizabeth Highwater - F   Tue Feb 16, 2010 4:56 pm

full name: Gabriella Moxrylla Elizabeth Highwater
nickname: Gabbie or Mox to those who she is close with, but most who know her simply call her Icy.
pronounced: Gab-ree-el-uh Mocks-rye-yuh Ee-liz-uh-bith Hi-wat-ur
title(s): Innocent Ice
gender: Female
age: 21
blood type: unknown
height: 4' 8"
weight: 115 lbs

race: Angel
skin tone: Light olive
eye color: Brown
hair color: Brown
hair style: Long (reaches to mid-back), straight, let down naturally.
wing color: white tips on the lower parts, but light brown on the upper wings
markings/scars/ tattoos: none

clothes: Thin light blue sweater with a white undershirt. Cuts off above naval. Wears somewhat tight jeans and a weapon's holster on both sides of her waist hanging from her white belt.
weapons: 2 revolvers, both with silver bullets as the main ammunition.

personality: Although Gabriella likes to act as sweet and innocent as often as she can, giving off a frail appearance, she's extremely manipulative and competitive, and anything but frail. She's grown to learn to take advantage of her looks and sensitive demeanor to lure those who she targets into positions where she can easily take them by surprise and thus accomplish her goals easier. Even when she's serious about her job, she seems bright and cheerful, to a degree that it seems almost frightening to those around her. She almost always has a smile on her face, even when she's firing her revolver into a target, but should that smile vanish, and her true cold-heartedness show through, she becomes what many later refer to as "Satan's Icy Nightmare."

weakness: Ironically, she can't stand cold temperatures.
strengths: Incredibly manipulative, and knows how to fool others into thinking she's an easy target.
job/work: Works full-time as an explorer and eliminator of, as she describes them, "the scary demons in the night."
interests: Loves to think of new and inventive ways to trap or draw out the targets she hunts.
dislikes: being manipulated or taken advantage of. Like other angels, she greatly dislikes Vampires, Werewolves, or "any other thing that goes bump in the night." She also hates crowds, since they make it all the harder to keep track of her surroundings.
friends: None that are really close
enemies: More numerous than friends, but none that stand out about the others.
power: Fire (blue flames)
word color: light blue
skills/talents: Very accurate marksmanship with pistols and revolvers, and she's said to be as fast as a cheetah when she flies into action.
family: None to speak of.
mental problems: Occasionally talks to herself like someone else is there. She's never had many friends, so she's come to make her own imaginary friends for companionship.
physical problems: none to speak of.

additions/ end comments:

(image of character not available)
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PostSubject: Re:   Tue Feb 16, 2010 6:34 pm

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PostSubject: Re:   Sat Feb 20, 2010 11:17 am

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PostSubject: Re: Gabriella Moxrylla Elizabeth Highwater - F   

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Gabriella Moxrylla Elizabeth Highwater - F
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