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 Taxtm Sermax - M

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PostSubject: Taxtm Sermax - M   Wed Feb 17, 2010 10:53 am

full name: Joth Taxtm Sermax
nickname: Tax
pronounced: Jaw-th Tak-stum Sur-maks
title(s): None
gender: Male
age: 25
turned: Turned on the evening of his 18th birthday in an incident in a dark alley with 3 friends and what seemed at the time like a very large injured dog. Taxtm and one of the other humans were the only ones to survive, but that night changed both their lives completely.
blood type: Unknown (Never really occurred to him that it would be important, so he never asked.)
height: 5' 11"
weight: 160 lbs

race: Werewolf
skin tone: Light-mid olive color
eye color: brown
hair color: Black, but dark brown in the summer
hair style: Short, somewhat messy, but wiped away from in front of his face. Has a cowlick on his right front side.
markings/scars/ tattoos: Scars on his right knee and a small circular scar above his left eye that, while basically unnoticeable in his more human-looking form, becomes a bit more prominent in his werewolf form.

wolf appearance
fur color: Black and tan
eye color: Brown, with a golden tint
height: 3' 10"
weight: 160 lbs
breed: Canus Lupus (Grey Wolf)

accessories: Pale Gold necklace of a large fang.
clothes: Light gray plain T-shirt and loose-fit jeans with a black belt and brown tennis shoes. Sometimes wears a dark gray light jacket if needed.
weapons: Teeth and claws, obviously, but kinda likes having a large hunting knife or a regular pistol on his person as well, just in case they're needed.

personality: Normally, laid back and optimistic, and always trying to look on the bright side of things when everything seems to go wrong. This isn't because he really believes things will work out though, but rather because he can't stand being helpless and unable to do anything in any kind of situation, so he tries to look for a way out. Usually, he's extremely patient, but when he doesn't like someone, his patience isn't near as great. Not many people see him angry, because he doesn't like showing anger. Unfortunately, it's not always something he can control, and when he loses control, he seems to change into a whole different person. He's loyal to a fault, and once you gain his trust, he'll usually stick as an ally for life. It takes a lot to screw up his trust, but once that happens, it's not near as easy to gain back as it was to originally gain.

weakness: Right knee is a sort of "Achilles heel" for him, due to a previous injury that never healed quite right. Also doesn't like great heat. Has an old love for silver, even though it's become basic poison to him after he was turned.
strengths: Loyalty, great stamina, and has a high pain tolerance. Not much more than average physical strength, compared to other werewolves, but has decent speed normally, and excels in evasion. Prefers to use whatever's at his disposal rather than rely on any one thing.
job/work: Research, part-time. Mainly specializes in werewolf studies and research on silver and it's properties in relation to creatures of the night.
interests: Silver, canine studies (he's always been a dog lover), and those close to him.
dislikes: Being called Joth, any gun larger than a revolver, and fire.
friends: (Currently N/A)
enemies: Angels are obvious as a generality, but no enemies in particular to speak of.
power: None besides shifting, a normal trait in Werewolves.
word color: Orange
skills/talents: (Currently N/A)
family: A mother, father, and sister back home in Texas. He left home when he became an adult, and occasionally contacts them by phone, but tries not to visit often, as it could lead to his family being dragged into his affairs. Only his mother is completely aware of his physical and mental condition.
mental problems: After being turned, his mind started to become more and more canine in general than normal, which has caused a preference for his werewolf form over his more human-looking one, as well as a few... habit issues... that have arisen as well.
physical problems: Weak right knee

additions/ end comments: Man, I swear, I've made this kinda char so many times, it's not even funny. Well, maybe a little bit funny. Since it's the char I always make based off myself, it's no surprise that I make a char like this so often, with the same name and general basics so often, but still, I gotta say, it makes me feel very unoriginal. Razz

(image of character)
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PostSubject: Re:   Wed Feb 17, 2010 4:50 pm


(one good thing about making a character a lot is going back and seeing how they have changed i am amazed at how shadow grew and evolved.)
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PostSubject: Re:   Sat Feb 20, 2010 11:03 am

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PostSubject: Re: Taxtm Sermax - M   

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Taxtm Sermax - M
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