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Eternal Drain is a site made for Angels, Vampire and Werewolf Role Play. For creatures of the night, and the unfortunate human to fall into this world of night.
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 Nerezza Rayne - F

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PostSubject: Nerezza Rayne - F   Thu Feb 18, 2010 9:34 pm

Full Name: Nerezza Rayne
Nickname: Ray (she is almost always referred to as Ray)
Pronounced: Ner-rez-za (means darkness in Italian)
Title: The healer, the sniper
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Blood type: AB positive
Height: 5-5
Weight: 111lb

Race: Angel
Skin Tone: Pale-fair
Eye Color: Bright Green
Hair Color: Copper/rust, has slight natural highlights
Hair Style: She has long, wavy hair reaching down to the small of her back. She normally wears it loose, but if she knows that she is going to be flying, fighting, training, or hunting creatures of the dark she wears it in a long braid to keep it out of the way.
Wing Color: Glossy black on the inside of the wings and on the secondary feathers. The longer, primary flight feathers are slightly tinted red. The red is barely noticeable.
Markings etc: N/A

Accessories: 3 silver bracelets on her left wrist and a silver necklace
Clothes: Black, zip-up, hoodie over a white spaghetti strap. She wears semi-skinny, dark blue jeans and a pair of black converse.
Weapons: Dual swords, both made of silver and a bow with custom silver arrows. She can also sometimes carry a revolver but she is bad at using guns, she prefers the arrows.

Personality: She is not the fighting type, she is the type that tries to make peace among everyone. During battles alongside her comrades she usually hangs in the back and focuses on healing. During soloing she uses her stealth to silently hunt the creatures of the dark with her bow. She has mixed feelings about werewolves. She loves animals and nature so it is hard for her to strike down a werewolf.

Mental issues: She is Unsocial, Naive, and Claustrophobic. She also has a fear of large bodies of water and of being underground.
Physical Issues: She has a light, easy-to-break bone structure, her wings are rather large compared to her body and can slow her down in combat.
Strengths: Although her wings are large and cause problems for her on land, they make up for it while flying. She is a decently fast flyer and has great stamina. She has good eyesight and hearing, but cannot smell to save her life.
Job/work: veterinarian
Interests: Life fascinates her. She also likes to study vampires because she finds them interesting.
Dislikes: Death, killing for no reason, large bodies of water,, caves/underground areas.
Friends: She is rather unsocial but she has befriended a Golden Eagle named Loki (low-key).
Enemies: Those who kill the innocent
Power: She has Amazing healing capabilities. She can cure life-threatening injuries in a matter of minutes. She cannot, however, heal diseases or the dead. Her power drains her fast. The best way to explain it is as she is healing she feels as though her life is being sucked out and poured into the person she is trying to save. Healing major, life-threatening injuries will cause her to pass out and feel weak for a few hours. Her power becomes much stronger if she is in direct sunlight.
Word color: orange
Skills/talents: She has a way with nature. She is best at using her bow and is wonderful at stealth.
Family: N/A

Other: Her befriended golden eagle, Loki, is an effective tool during solo missions. He is always within a mile of her and will alert her to danger by calling out in a high pitched tone.

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PostSubject: Re:   Thu Feb 18, 2010 9:39 pm

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PostSubject: Re:   Sat Feb 20, 2010 11:14 am

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PostSubject: Re: Nerezza Rayne - F   

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Nerezza Rayne - F
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