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 Early morning jog

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PostSubject: Re: Early morning jog   Sun Apr 25, 2010 1:55 pm

Denali had never made a fire before, but she did know how to handle a knife. With a sigh she took off to work at chopping the wood for Ryker and her to have a fire. Oddly enough she wanted to just stop and take a cat nap, well it wasnt odd for her to nap. But for her to stop what she was doing and leaving it unfinished was odd for her. She shook her head to wake herself up abit more and focus of her, task.

So focused she was she didnt know another was approaching. She could only think of not cutting herself and napping in her lynx form. She found it to be more comfortable to nap in her lynx form and human. Maybe it was because even when she was asleep her hearing was always alert for danger. Denali being a werelynx had a natural wariness about her but it was usually just when she was asleep, or must vulerable.

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PostSubject: Re: Early morning jog   Wed Apr 28, 2010 9:43 pm

(I was waiting for Shads for a bit, but I'm tired of being patient. Smile )

He peered out of the bush, and saw the source of the noises. A woman was cutting and gathering branches for some reason. Cody surmised that it might be for a fire, but he wasn't sure. He watched and analyzed her. She was tanned, had reddish brown eye, and had brown hair. The hair (I'm assuming) was in a ponytail. He could also smell what he believed to be a wolf in a nearby cave. He could hear the wolf rummaging around. He sniffed again and guessed that she was the source of the feline scent.

He decided to reveal himself. Not wanting to cause unecessary hostilities or panic, he gave a small non-threating growl and entered into her presence. He stepped on a twig with his front paw that cracked loud enough to give her even more warning.

"Hello," The his voice mixed with a growl from his wolf form.
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Early morning jog
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