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 Keiji Miakoda - M

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PostSubject: Keiji Miakoda - M   Mon Mar 08, 2010 9:37 pm


full name: Keiji Miakoda
nickname: keiji- kun, kei, kei-kun, or koda
pronounced: keh – e – gee ; me – uh- ko- duh
title(s): Cautious One
gender: heterosexual male
age: 22
turned: was born this way
blood type: B+
height: 5’ 10” – 175.3 cms
weight: 155

race: half Japanese (family mostly from osaka) and half american with hint of native American in his bloodline/heritage
skin tone: golden brown/tan
eye color: amber (the mix of his golden wolf eyes and his (would have been) deep brown human eyes)
hair color: pure black
hair style: short tasseled/messy hair (can always seem like bed hair)
(somewhat like this- )

markings/scars/ tattoos: (in human form description mostly) one scar that goes across the middle of his nose and the tips end just under the end of each of his eyes. Also the back of his neck has a jagged scar (the form made from a bite) and finally 4 claw mark scars on his shoulder blades as well as a the side and lower part of his hips (the angle of the claw scars going down and mostly towards his spine.)
wolf appearance

fur color: pure black
eye color: golden
height: 33 inches tall (at the shoulder)
weight: 46 kilograms – 101 pounds
breed: Gray wolf

accessories: always has a small light tan suede backpack, with bronze buckle, (for clothes) and a chain choker, that he always wears (it hangs loosely upon his collarbone as a human [basically the shirt collar outline] and fits just perfectly upon his neck as a wolf), also the pendant is an old fashioned lock (that is about the size of a typical key lock) where it seems a key is needed to open it from the front (the color of the chain and pendant is silver but is dark enough that it can seem black unless a light hits it)

clothes: typically worn out dark blue jeans, (opposite of this shirt but same overall design - ) a black shirt with white design of what may be a wave or dragon emerging from waves.. that builds up from the bottom left corner (if facing the person wearing the shirt) (sorry not too sure how to describe this design, I could find another if it may not work)
(can wear a dark brown belt)

weapons: (think ninja swords) two short swords (the blade is as long as his back and about 6 more inches past) that sit in sheaths behind his back (they sit at somewhat of a downward angle though, since there are two and they crisscross each other). They’re sheaths have little belts that are attached to the sheath and can unhook and go through the belt loops, or even around a belt to stay attached to the person... in a way.
(double of this sort of sword)
(also since one side is sharp, he can use the dull side a lot for just a calm/peaceful knock-out/black-out of a person instead of kill/attack)

personality: He can be somewhat distant of others but he really likes making friends and treasures them to the extent he will sacrifice himself for them. However it can be hard for him to make friends because he will give off a cold aura/personality where it can seem like he doesn’t want to talk to you, so he can push people away

weakness: very suspicious, second guesses, can be negative upon self
strengths: fights, thinking things through,
job/work: can be hired as a bodyguard/assassin but is typically working as a waiter, usually in a café or bar.
interests: he can be indecisive, likes fire and making friends. Also he loves autumn, because the leaves can look as warm as fire and yet the weather is becoming cold.
dislikes: conflicts flung upon him, somewhat, out of nowhere
friends: Giulio Paul Ootamu and Kiyoshi Chin-Mae
enemies: n/a
other: ---
power: … can teleport himself out of a deadly situation, but not very far away just enough to get out of it and (most likely) prepare to fight again or give the finishing blow.
word color: Red
skills/talents: double short sword fighting/sword fighting. . . can still speak japanese
mental problems: trauma, some loss of emotion (instead of memory) sorrow/pity does not seem to hit him anymore
physical problems: n/a
family: unknown to him

additions/ end comments: he basically thinks most of them are dead but he definitely knows that his parents are dead from seeing them ‘assassinated’ by humans, with some hidden angels. But for some reason he has bottled this up so much that he has no grudge. (trauma) which is what has left him with a cold stare/face, to where his eyes can seem glassy/empty. However he puts on a ‘mask’ when he works because it is completely unnoticeable when he is near people he knows, he makes sure to give warm expressions (even if they may be fake smiles a lot)
also even though he can, unconsciously, push people away he actually likes it when people force their way into his life.

((sorry if I use links))

wolf form -

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PostSubject: Re: Keiji Miakoda - M   Tue Mar 09, 2010 10:09 am


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Keiji Miakoda - M
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