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Eternal Drain is a site made for Angels, Vampire and Werewolf Role Play. For creatures of the night, and the unfortunate human to fall into this world of night.
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 Isabelle of Timur - F

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PostSubject: Isabelle of Timur - F   Tue Mar 09, 2010 11:37 pm

full name: Isabelle of Timur
nickname: Issy
pronounced: Is-a-bell Tim-er
title(s): The thief goddess.
gender: Female
age: 27
turned: 172
blood type: B-
height: 5'4"
weight: 110 lbs

race: Caucasain
skin tone: pale
eye color: Golden
hair color: blond
hair style: choppy (see image)
markings/scars/ tattoos: roses

wolf appearance
fur color: White/ pale yellow
eye color: Golden
height: 100cm
weight: 90 lbs
breed: Eurasain wolf

accessories: Gold over-chained necklace. gold bangles and a through engraved finger ring.
clothes: A pale yellow dress (see image) and (instead of the snake boots) knee high converse
weapons: small gold and iron crossbow

personality: Mixed moods

weakness: Silver
strengths: Slight of hand, flirting, stealing, planning.
job/work: Thief
interests: Shiny objects and adrenaline
dislikes: property owners, police, Angels.
friends: Luke, Logan (slightly jealous) Ryker
enemies: Angels
Code: LU23998
power: Optic Delay by 30 seconds. can be held for 5 minutes
word color: Orange
skills/talents: Bending her body ;P
family: Cousin to Luke
mental problems: none
physical problems: none

additions/ end comments:
her song:

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Isabelle of Timur - F
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