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Eternal Drain is a site made for Angels, Vampire and Werewolf Role Play. For creatures of the night, and the unfortunate human to fall into this world of night.
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 RULES (NEW must read)

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PostSubject: RULES (NEW must read)   Thu Mar 11, 2010 10:33 pm


  • Follow all rules and respect them.
  • Respect your fellow Role Players.
  • Follow Rules for both the Chat boxes and the forum.
  • Follow what your Moderators say.
  • Don't be afraid of reporting any problems with other users.
  • Please be active.
  • No SPAMing (Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages).
  • No low content.
  • After a topic is over please post up an ooc stating the topic needs locking.
  • Images and Signatures must be appropriate.
  • Anyone who has signed up that is under 14 has been warned of content.
  • If you will be leaving for a while please let someone know.
  • No unneeded drama.
  • After a month of no posts in certain areas the topic will be locked till the time someone needs it.
  • Heed all warnings by mods and higher.

  • No God modding. [no making another character move without owner consent.]
  • No low content posts [minimum for an rp post is 3 sentences]
  • No power gains without reason [Unless a character says has an approved object that may give them said power.]
  • Put warnings if any content is over PG14
  • Stay on topic
  • Any OOC comment must be clearly stated with OOC: and a following IC: when the comment is over. Variations are allowed such as brackets and so on.
  • Characters must be accepted before role playing
  • If you play a character (NPC) who doesn't have a bio, be aware others may also play them.
  • No power playing.
  • If a character is going to have sex or have a child, I ask they are over 17.
  • Fighting will be judged by an Admin.
  • Damage will be assessed by Rp mods and Admins.
  • You may only dodge two attacks a post.
  • Characters cannot be killed by another without allowance from the owner.
  • If one user that wants to raise the stakes of the fight wants to allow a no consent fight within the rules, bio mods and admin must be contacted as well as the other person SHOULD do the same.
  • After a week of a user not posting in an active topic you should ignore said character.
  • No rape unless consented
  • No sex unless both owners consent. Admin needs a pm from both parties.

  • No sparkle characters.
  • Must be accepted.
  • No genders other than male and female unless the character has had surgery or is in their power to change between the two.
  • No mary-sues or twilight types.
  • From here on in you can have 5 open characters in your first 3 months here (anyone from the old Off-white forum knows this) and are allowed one more every month after.
  • If you currently have 5 open characters and want to make more you have to ask a mod to place it in the closet
  • A character who may get pregnant may need
  • Currently only Were/Vamp mixes are allowed no angels may breed other wise with the non-angel races.
  • Starting now you may only have one OPEN hybrid/ other character.

PG14+ Meaning
  • Many swears [if its only one or two you may go without]
  • Sexual content
  • Sexual themes
  • Gore
  • Torture (explicit)
  • Note this site is in allowance of mature content but every post should have warnings if such content is within.

Chat boxes
  • Follow Mod and Admin rules. (both)
  • No spam. (both)
  • OOC bracketed. (in the rp chat)
  • Mild swears only (both)
  • respect others (both)

Other Areas
  • No art theft.
  • No spamming.
  • No low content items.
  • No images that are to big for the board. (Nothing)

More may follow later...
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RULES (NEW must read)
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