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 Rowan(Windsong) Shanti - F

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PostSubject: Rowan(Windsong) Shanti - F   Sat Mar 13, 2010 8:43 pm

full name: Rowan Windsong Shanti
nickname: Wind
pronounced: Row-an Wind-song Shan-tea
title(s): Windsong
gender: Female
turned: born one
blood type: unknown
height: 5'1
weight: 100lb

race: white- werewolf
skin tone: fair but slightly tanned
eye color: dark brown/copper
hair color: dark brown
hair style:long flowy like, see pic
markings/scars/ tattoos: one small one above her right boob and another across her lower belly. Scars-3 slashes on her right shoulder, tiny one of left wrist, barely visible one across left eye and 3 slashes across chest

wolf appearance
fur color: off white with hint of tan and grey, black tail tip
eye color: dark copper
height:24 in
weight: 73 lb
breed: Grey wolf

accessories:none really, maybe small pale gold hoop earings
clothes: thin light grey low cut sweater, or a green tank, blue skinny/bootcut/shorts jean, flats, black or boot usually tan.

personality: loyal protective. Romance trouble, serious but sweet and motherly to many. Untrusting at first.

weakness: men(confusing her love life), pushes self to much, fear
strengths:faithful, brave, bold and daring in fights sometimes
interests: family, wanting a pack
dislikes: winter,
friends: na
enemies: angels
power: celestial light pulse Is very limited due to lack of knowleged and use of power
word color:yellow
family: none
mental problems: love can be abit out of control with her, its easy to take advantage when her current lover is missing or such
physical problems: no

additions/ end comments:

boob tattoo-
belly tattoo-
Grren tank-

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PostSubject: Re: Rowan(Windsong) Shanti - F   Sat Mar 13, 2010 9:36 pm

Accepted, now wait for shad's code

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PostSubject: Re:   Sat Mar 13, 2010 10:03 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Rowan(Windsong) Shanti - F   

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Rowan(Windsong) Shanti - F
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