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 Cody Clyne

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Lupus Verum


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PostSubject: Cody Clyne   Sun Apr 11, 2010 6:04 pm


full name: Cody Clyne
nickname: Jet, C2, Demon, Hybrid
pronounced: Co-dee Cline
title(s): None
gender: Male
age: 20
turned: at birth (see the additional comment section for info on how he's part vampire)
blood type: unknown
height: 5’ 9”
weight: 170 lbs

race: modern day amercan with german blood
skin tone: white brown
eye color: Chocolate/Golden brown (the more serious, the darker the color)
hair color: Brownish Blackish with some salt
hair style: short but not buzzed
markings/scars/ tattoos: parallel holes on his right wrist; a cross mark on the left chest area
wolf appearance

fur color: Jet Black with dark grey fur in the shape of a cross on the belly
eye color: Black
height: 4’ 5”
weight: 109 lbs
breed: “Grey” Wolf

accessories: wallet and watch and shoulder holster and extra “reloads” for his revolver
clothes: wears tennis shoes, t-shirt, and jeans or shorts
weapons: .500 S&W Revolver (iron rounds). It’s large and loud with a whopping 5 rounds. When available, he likes using a compound bow.


personality: Tries to be kind and helpful to everyone ( he doesn’t discriminate between races). Though he is kind he likes to keep his distance from people and keep aloof from conflict. Though he does not enjoy fighting, he will not hestitate to fight if called upon. He tries to be analytical but still makes decisions based on impulse. He has a carefree attitude and tries to find the “ups” to every situation. He can be shy around new faces but quite talkitive when he gets to know people. Prefers wolf form over human form.

weakness: Affected by silver more so than most due to him being a hybrid. Not phased initially but will start to feel the effects after a period of time. He’s not the strongest werewolf around even with being part vampire. Direct sunlight can become harmful after some time.

strengths: Speed. One of the fastest werewolves around and even faster due to him being part vampire. Another vampire quality is agility and lightweight. Better endurance and strength (especially teeth and jaws) Crackshot with a handgun and adequate shot with a bow

job/work: Waiter/ Bus Boy at the cafe connected to a middle class hotel

interests: comic books, reading, target practice, eating (especially fruit), work dealing with his hands

dislikes: conflict, people being hurt for not reason (this will set him off), nagging

friends: N/A at this time

enemies: He tries to keep a low profile, N/A at this time

Vampire traits
-Jet/Pitch black fur
-Jet/Pitch black eyes
-increased endurance, agility, and speed
-decrease in weight
-stronger jaw and teeth

power: If he has a power he doesn’t realize it or even know about it. His speed may be power but not confirmed. He can run at a dead sprint for at most 4 to 5 minutes or he can keep a fast jogging clip for around half an hour before he tires out and has to revert back to normal speed. He has also found out that he is unable to turn anyone he’s bitten into a werewolf. Strange I know. He has the ability to change instantly to any three of his forms.

word color: white

skills/talents: Good with hands. Flexible to situations. Good at keeping hidden/unseen. Unaturally fast runner and speedster

family: Cody was born into a family of werewolves. At the insistance of his parents, he decided to leave at the age of 17 and travel so he could grow more independent and mature. Another reason would be to protect him from a rumored attack. He hasn’t heard from them since.

mental problems: None

physical problems: Feet pains when in human form

additions/ end comments: He is part vamp and part wolf...
How Cody was bitten by a vampire is both stupid and amusing. During his travels he came upon a vampire was extremely hungry. He felt bad for the vampire, so on impulse, he allowed the vampire to bite him on his right wrist. The vampire had enough control to just take enough to sustain himself until the vampire could find a better source of food. Unfortunately he did not think throught the consequences. From this, his silver white and blue fur and blue eyes changed into jet black fur and jet black eyes. This change has caused some of his kind to shun him. The werewolf part of him curbs most of his desire for blood; he only needs to hunt small game sporadicly. The vampire part of him curbs some his giant werewolf appetite.
It is also good to note that if provoked too far, the mild hearted Cody will lose coherency and go into a rage where he will pursue his target until neutralized or knocked out…the definition of “neutralized” varies.
I don’t know how this site handles the issues of werewolves and clothing, but this character transforms back into his human form in the same clothes he transformed into his wolf form. He does not lose them and they are not destroyed

Order of Events: Chronological order of events for this character so I have a timeline

Woods-----"Early Morning Jog"
City--------"The Last Leaf-Cafe"

I’ll add more as time goes on and I think of things.

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PostSubject: Re: Cody Clyne   Sun Apr 11, 2010 8:36 pm

There are just a few things that need changing. The speed should be limited. We cant have the faster character on here compared to others unless their speed is limit by like time. Such as they are the fastest but only for an hour or such.
Since it is kinda considered as a power. All powers and limited, we dont was god like characters(God of speed, Goddess of strength). The ability thing is fine since you just put down that it is enhanced due to being part vampire.

As for blood type we mean Type A, B ,AB or such or just say unknown (edit by shadow.: there are more than that. A B AB O A- B- O- and AB- that is listed most common(left) to rarest (right))

As for the clothing thing. Well most say the the human form strips basicly and then turned into the full wolf form and a biped form, which down wear clothes(An animal that stands upright and looks like a human kinda)

Also silver bullets he cant do since it is a weakness to both vampires and werewolves. Iron is a weakness for Angels. So maybe change them to iron?

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Lupus Verum


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PostSubject: Re: Cody Clyne   Sun Apr 11, 2010 9:46 pm

The speed has been given more detail. I didn't mean for it to sound as if he was the god of speed, but I did want him to be fast. Let me know if anything more needs to be changed.

I intended it to be unknown but tried to add a touch of corny

I'm still not totally clear on how this site does the clothing thing. If I'm reading what you said correctly, if the human tranforms with clothes on, threads are torn to shreds. I just thought it would be unique for the character to somehow have the ability to take away the shredding of the clothes problem. I'm gonna leave it unchanged for now. Let me know if I need to change it.

I thought that the whole silver thing was by either being shot or pierced. My bad. That's been change to iron.
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PostSubject: Re: Cody Clyne   Mon Apr 12, 2010 9:47 am


Code: HY065

As for the clothes, if you read some of the threads, mostly in the monastary people have had their character take off their clothes before changing. Though nothing has been said about what would happen if they left their clothes on. So its fine if you do that, you'll be the first.

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PostSubject: Re: Cody Clyne   

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Cody Clyne
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